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Agriculture is the backbone of America and especially important to those of us living here in the Midwest. Let us be your Source of news for farmers including commodity futures and information on crop production, livestock, and more. Get updates through news, blogs, videos and podcasts!

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Our staff of writers from across the Midwest will be providing you great kernels of information on everything from seed to feed, from commodity news to sustainability, livestock, crops and more.

  • Fri, sep 19 2014 - 4:09 p.m.

    Who Do You Pass the Farm To?

    Photo credit: bluekdesign from morguefile.com It's safe to say that the goal of most every business owner is to build their business and then pass it down to ...

  • Tue, aug 19 2014 - 11:11 a.m.

    Faster is Better!

    I've always loved the advice from the Old Farmers Almanac, "sooner begun, sooner done." I have taken great pains to quote it often enough to my children that I ...

  • Sat, aug 16 2014 - 4:07 p.m.


    You may have heard the expressions "too many cooks in the kitchen" or "too many irons in the fire," but the Professional Dairy Producers of Wisconsin want to also remind ...

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The Latest From The Podcast

Midwest Communications has a team of talented Agriculture broadcasters who all contribute to this podcast. Mike Austin is a 35 year NAFB member heard on Midwest Communication's Wisconsin stations, including Green Bay, Wausau and Sheboygan. Rick Shields, WKZO Kalamazoo Farm Service Director and a 20+ year NAFB member, is the recipient of the Michigan Farm Bureau's Farm Broadcaster of the Year award.

  • Mon, sep 15 2014 - 11:24 a.m.

    Rail Cars Short Supply thru 2015

    Lots of conversation today about grain on the ground --- and ethanol. Argus in morning paper talks to railroad and grain leadership. BNF says help coming. But probably not enough. Expected ...

  • Mon, sep 08 2014 - 11:59 a.m.

    President of the South Dakota Farmers Union Doug Sombke joins us

    This is Its YOUR Agri BusinessShow 777 in OUR ORIGINAL ITs YOUR Business series. In a little less than 2 hours--- the two dozen members of the South Dakota Farmers ...

  • Fri, sep 05 2014 - 10:22 a.m.

    The Agri-Business show talks crops and transportation

    Traditionally we do our Agri-Business Show on Monday---but because of the Labor Day Holiday and the availability of our guests---were doing the show on Wednesday of this week. Much of ...

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Commodities Futures

Quotes from the Chicago Board of Trade Commodities Futures (delayed 10 minutes.)

CORN Dec '14 338'2336'6336'6331'4331'4-6'6331'4
CORN Mar '15 350'6347'6347'6344'0344'2-6'4344'2
CORN May '15 359'2356'2356'2355'0353'0-6'2353'0
SOYBEANS Nov '14 971'4965'0965'0956'4957'0-14'4957'0
SOYBEANS Jan '15 979'4972'0972'0969'4965'2-14'2965'2
SOYBEANS Mar '15 987'0973'0973'0973'0972'6-14'2972'6
WHEAT Dec '14 488'4484'0484'0474'0474'4-14'0474'4
WHEAT Mar '15 505'6494'2494'2490'4491'0-14'6491'0
WHEAT May '15 517'2502'4-14'6502'4
FEEDER CATTLE Sep '14 229.900230.800230.800230.600230.6000.700230.600
FEEDER CATTLE Oct '14 227.700228.200228.725228.200228.7251.025228.725
FEEDER CATTLE Nov '14 224.925225.600226.350225.600226.3251.400226.325
LIVE CATTLE Oct '14 155.600155.600156.275155.100155.6250.025155.625
LIVE CATTLE Dec '14 158.925158.750159.400158.200158.700-0.225158.700
LIVE CATTLE Feb '15 159.375159.500160.300159.500160.2500.875160.250
LEAN HOGS Oct '14 102.975105.000105.975104.850105.9753.000105.975
LEAN HOGS Dec '14 93.80094.90095.30094.50094.8501.05094.850
LEAN HOGS Feb '15 90.75091.05091.40091.05091.4000.65091.400
BUTTER Sep '14 2960.03025.065.03025.0
BUTTER Oct '14 2985.03025.03025.03025.03025.040.03025.0
BUTTER Nov '14 2980.03015.03015.03015.03015.035.03015.0
MILK CLASS III Sep '14 24.5324.540.0124.54
MILK CLASS IV Sep '14 22.4622.460.0022.46
NONFAT DRY MILK Sep '14 145.475145.4750.000145.475
CHEESE - BARRELS SPOT CBX$Y 2.42252.43002.43002.43002.43000.00752.4300
CHEESE - BLOCKS SPOT CZ$Y 2.41002.45002.45000.04002.4500
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