Delaney in the Morning

  • Here Comes the Census!

    Posted by Ken Delaney

    I'm with the government and I'm here to help....

    Can someone tell me why I need to get a letter (written in 6 different languages) that tells me to look for another letter coming soon?  The letter arrived yesterday telling "Resident" to look for the U.S. Census packet to arrive next week.  I was also advised that I needed to fill out the census form so I can assure my local government, schools, etc get their "fair share" of government funding.  Isn't the census supposed to be about counting people, not handing out money to them?  This entitlement mentality from the top on down is what makes government spending so bloated and creates deficits that not even our kid's kids will be able to pay off.

    And by the way, the advertising campaign for the U.S. Census has to be one of the dumbest ever created. 

  • Frosty's Final Excursion

    Posted by Ken Delaney

    For the final time this year, Frosty the Doughman is hiding somewhere in Branch County.  He's hiding on public property, or property readily accessible to the public.  If you find him, you'll win $100 from Southern Michigan Bank & Trust and AM 1590 WTVB (must be 18 to play).

    Clue #1:  "Frosty likes a lot this special spot, because he's been there once before"

  • Frosty Is Back Out of The Cold

    Posted by Ken Delaney

    On Monday, Frosty came back in out of the cold. While lots of folks searched and searched for Frosty the Doughman, no one found him hiding under the bushes next to the Heritage Recreation sign just off Western Avenue in Coldwater. 
    The heavy, wet snow buried him pretty well, which made him very tough to find.  Because he was getting lonely, Frosty asked us to bring him back in, so we did.

    Look for clues later this week as we take Frosty back out for one final excursion.  If you find him then, you'll win $100 from Southern Michigan Bank and Trust and AM 1690 WTVB.

  • Frosty the Doughman Clues

    Posted by Ken Delaney

    Frosty the Doughman is on Excursion #4.  If you find him, you'll win $50 plus 4 tickets to Friday night's Coldwater Rotary Show. Here are the clues so far:

    Clue #5:  Check again where you thought Frosty should be seen. Our snowman's been known to hide under the green

    Clue #4:  A little recreation won't get you too far off track.  If you find our Frosty, please bring him back.

    Clue #3:  Frosty the Doughman has been hiding a bit. It pays to know he likes to stay fit.

    Clue #2:  If Frosty's cash suits you fine, make sure to continue your search near a sign.

    Clue #1:  Our friend Frosty's been all around, but this time around he's close to town. 

  • Walk Across Branch County This Thursday

    Posted by Ken Delaney

    My 14th Annual "Walk Across Branch County" is this Thursday. I'll kick things off at the Bronson McDonald's at 8 am, then walk the 19 miles to the Quincy McDonald's.  Along the way I'll take your pledges at 279-1590, or you can drop them off to me on the way.

    All money raised goes the Community Action's Emergency Heating Fund.

    The actual Walk for Warmth is this Saturday at Heritage Park in Coldwater and the United Congregational Church in Union City.  To download a pledge form and for more information, click here

  • And You Thought Finding Frosty the Doughman Was Tough!

    Posted by Ken Delaney


    One man locked inside a small steel box for 30 days and 30 nights with £30,000 cash. Man In Box started on Feb 15th 2010.

    Find him and win the money. International players are welcome.

    The twist is that he doesn't know where he is. He was blindfolded and driven around in a car for 10 hours before being put in the box.

    All he has been told is that his location is somewhere that is meaningful to him - a place that he has been before - a place of personal significance in the UK.

    With live streaming from 2 cameras inside the box 24 hours a day, watch him as he attempts to recall all the places he has been over the past 35 years. Can you work out where the box is and win the money before he cracks up? Its FREE TO PLAY and you can enter as many times as you like.

    All profit goes to the UK charity Help for Heroes.

    Each day clues enter the box through the hatch. To see a list of these, all previous footage and interviews click here.

  • Prayer Pays Off

    Posted by Ken Delaney

    With Friday's bank robbery at Century Bank & Trust in Coldwater, I thought this story was appropriate.

  • Tip Up Pagent

    Posted by Ken Delaney

    Big crowds both nights at the Tibbits Opera House....Friday for the Junior Pagent and Saturday for the Tip-Up Queen's Pagent.  Congratuations to Nicki Maynard, this year's Tip Up Queen.  Does she realize she has to lead the Polar Bear Plunge?