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  • Farm Vehicles Get a Break

    Posted by Rick Shields

    Michigan farmers get a little fexibility when it comes to transporting goods to market...

    Farm Vehicles Get a Break

  • Addressing Mold Concerns

    Posted by Rick Shields

    Agent Bruce MacKellar with the MSU Extension focuses on an increasingly common problem in Michigan corn fields.

    Addressing Mold in Corn

  • Farmland Values Strong

    Posted by Rick Shields

    Recently there has been a run up in demand and pricing for farmland.  Paul Joerger of the Farmers National Company in Overland Park, Kansas, which specializes in farmland buying and selling, says recent farm profits have played a role….

    Farmland Values Strong

  • Answering Livestock Questions

    Posted by Rick Shields

    Kathleen Kirkham discusses her company's approach to addressing animal treatment concerns.

    Answering Livestock Questions

  • Restoring Domestic Horse Slaughter

    Posted by Rick Shields

    Now that legislation has been signed lifting the federal ban on horse slaughter - the focus among horse groups is finding suitable plants for processing. Sue Wallis - co-leader of United Horsemen and the International Equine Business Association - says they have a great network across the country looking for facilities in places where meat processing is common practice...

    Restoring Domestic Horse Slaughter

  • Stabenow on What's Next

    Posted by Rick Shields

    The Senate Ag Committee chair comments on the Super Committee's failure to reach agreement...

    Stabenow on What's Next

  • No Farm Bill Fast Track

    Posted by Rick Shields

     Barring a last-minute breakthrough - it appears the 2012 Farm Bill process will head back to the House and Senate Ag Committees. The success of a fast-track farm bill always hinged on the success of the debt reduction super committee in saving the government more than a trillion dollars in 10 years. But with the apparent failure of the super committee to reach a broader deal - the fate of the work done by the ag committee leaders - never officially announced - is now clouded in uncertainty.


    Sam Willett is Senior Director of Public Policy for the National Corn Growers Association…

    No Farm Bill Fast Track

  • Preparing Bluberries for Winter

    Posted by Rick Shields

    Mark Longstroth has some suggestions regarding blueberries you can keep in mind at the end of the season.

    Preparing Blueberries for Winter

  • Precision Field Mapping

    Posted by Rick Shields

    A new product from Pioneer is ready for a roll out...

    Precision Field Mapping

  • Plants Begin Winterizing

    Posted by Rick Shields

    In spite of recent episodes of mild weather weekly cold snaps remind us winter isn't far off.  Plants know that too...

    Plants Begin Winterizing

  • New Insurance Approach

    Posted by Rick Shields

    Kyle Perry joined farm broadcasters in Kansas City last week to discuss it...

    New Insurance Approach