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  • 2011 Soybean Harvest

    Posted by Rick Shields

    A Southwest Michigan grower shares some thoughts on his soybean crop...

    2011 Soybean Harvest

  • Watching Fields at Harvest

    Posted by Rick Shields

    Keeping a close watch on what the field under your combine is showing you can pay off...

    Watching Fields at Harvest

  • The MyPlate Message

    Posted by Rick Shields

     U.S. Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack says a healthy nation starts with healthy people. But he notes some families whould would like to make healthier eating choices are confused by conflicting messages - or simply don't have time to do the necessary research. That's where Vilsack says the MyPyramid replacement comes in to play...

    The MyPlate Message

  • LightSquared Plan Hearing

    Posted by Rick Shields

     LightSquared is seeking FCC approval to deploy a nationwide wireless broadband network that critics claim will interfere with GPS receivers used for aircraft navigation and the prescriptive application of seed, fertilizers and pesticides.

    Testifying on behalf of the Agricultural Retailers Association - Rick Greene - Precision Agronomy Manager at MFA Incorporated in Columbia, Missouri - told the House Small Business Committee that LightSquared must not be allowed to broadcast their signal in the upper or lower bands of GPS until a feasible and economical resolution is found...

    LightSquared Plan Hearing

  • Fruit Harvest Weather

    Posted by Rick Shields

    Leaf color in the fields and orchards -- just like in the woods -- can tell you what what kind of growing season we've gone through...

    Fruit Harvest Weather

  • Soybean Demand Grows

    Posted by Rick Shields

     There’s anticipated to be significant growth in the next decade in international demand for soybeans. U.S. Soybean Export Council CEO Jim Sutter says economic forecasts indicate soybean exports will jump to 67-percent of U.S. production by 2021…

    soybean demand grows

  • Immigration Issues Linger

    Posted by Rick Shields

    The Senate Judiciary Subcommittee on Immigration recently met with a focus on what was termed - America’s agricultural labor crisis.

    National Milk Producers Federation spokesperson Chris Galen says even in this time of high unemployment - dairy farmers and other ag producers are having a tough time finding American workers…

    Immigration Issues Linger

  • Reducing Regulatory Burdens

    Posted by Rick Shields

    If the Senate doesn't act on H.R. 872 - the Reducing Regulatory Burdens Act - House Ag Committee Chairman Frank Lucas says a court order will begin requiring redundant permitting for pesticide applications on October 31st...

    Reducing Regulatory Burdens

  • Preventig Combine Fires

    Posted by Rick Shields

    Here's another thing to consider during harvest...

    Preventing Combine Fires

  • Grape Apple Update

    Posted by Rick Shields

    Mark Longstroth, MSU Extension Educator, offers this early-October update on where things stand with Michigan's 2011 fruit harvest...

    Grape Apple Update

  • NCGA Promotes Trade Agreements

    Posted by Rick Shields

     As Congress returns to Capitol Hill the eyes of the agriculture community will focus on the three free trade agreements with Korea, Colombia and Panama.  Passage of these three agreements is important to agriculture in general, and the nation’s corn producers in particular.

    Sarah Gallo is Director of Public Policy for the National Corn Growers Association

    NCGA Promotes Trade Agreements

  • Tom's Summer Souvenirs

    Posted by Rick Shields

    As the seasons change commentator and most recently author of "Looking for Hickories:the Forgotten Wildness of the Rural Midwest" Tom Springer reflects on a couple of treasured summer souvenirs.

    Tom's summer souvenirs