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REVIEW: Lakefront Brewery IPA

by Jay Morris

Every year I make a trip to my former hometown of Milwaukee to partake in Summerfest . Know as "The World's Largest Music Festival". Having gone about 30 of my 43 years on this earth I have also found some pretty good beers at this festival. 

If you are into mass appeal beers, you really will love the beers served. The full assortment of Miller products including Lite, Genuine Draft, High Life. Coors is served along with a full line of  Leinenkugel's too. For those that are a bit more adventurous several good beers can also be found on the grounds.

Lakefront Brewery from Milwaukee has a beer area with several wonderful craft beers including their IPA. A great tag line "brewed in Milwaukee for people who like beer" fit me to a tee. 

Lakefront Brewery according to their website have been brewing beer for 25 years, with over 200 awards. I have to admit I was not sure what to expect from this beer.The Lakefront IPA I had was served in a 16 ounce cup, but only 12 ounces full.Check out the JS ONLINE article written about the explanation as to why. Lakefront IPA (6.6 ABV 44 IBU) pours a hazy orange, a nice head that filled the 16 ounce cup. Nice citrus,(mainly grapefruit)  well rounded malt flavor, but did lack the hops kick I usually like. I would call it more earthy, than hoppy. Overall I liked it. Thought it was the best beer at Summerfest. if you like a mild IPA, this is one for you to try. If you really like hops, you may want to try something else.