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Check out Zach Stempien's Extra Point!

by Ken Delaney

Welcome to the first installment of the Extra Point! Each week I will give you that one Extra Point(see how I did that) that helps you pick the right team to win, and the right players to sign, drop, or start for your fantasy team. I will pick a few games each week, tell you which players I think you should start or sit on your fantasy team, which players you should sign for your team, and a few players to keep an eye on.

Giants at Lions (Favored by 5.5): Its always tough to get a feel for a teams offense early in the season, but I think its pretty obvious the Giants have struggled terribly this preseason while learning a new offense. This preseason Eli Manning completed only 48.8 percent of his passes, which indicates that the Giants may be in for a slow start. In the end, the Giants offense will struggle enough to allow the Lions to pull away early. Lions 31 Giants 17.

49ers vs Dallas(49ers favored by 4.5 points): The strength of the 49ers has always been their defense, however to start the season they will be without DE Aldon Smith, and MLB NaVorro Bowman. This means they will have to rely on their offense more than usual. Unfortunately, their 1 st team offense had an awful preseason and seems to be out of sync. They should have some success against possibly the worst defense in NFL history, but I dont think it will be enough to keep pace with a Cowboys offense that scored 27.4 points per game last year(5 th ). Cowboys 30 49ers 27.

Colts vs Broncos (Broncos Favored by 7.5): The Colts are a reigning playoff team, but will find themselves outmatched in this contest. The Broncos improved their defense by adding TJ Ward, and DeMacrus Ware. However ,the loss of WR Wes Welker and the first start for Montee Ball may put a minor kink in the Broncos offense, meaning this contest will be closer than the odds makers think. Broncos 34 Colts 28.

Fantasy Football Starts and Sits: For the most part in week one you should start the guys you drafted high, but here are a few players that may warrant some further consideration.

Start: Emmanuel Sanders- No Wes Welker equals a ton of Targets for Sanders. Also do I have to remind you what Manning did week 1 last year? Start him as a high upside WR2.

Start: Frank Gore: The Cowboys have arguably the worst defensive line in the NFL, and with Kapernick struggling, Gore should be leaned on early and often. Start as a RB1.

Sit: Trent Richardson- Personally I never would have drafted him, but if you did, hes not the guy you want in a shootout. He likely will start with 5 carries for 10 yards, and the Colts will abandon the run game all together.

Sit: Jordy Nelson: In the last 2 games against the Seahawks, Nelson has a combined 3 catches for 36 yards. If thats not scary, #1 WRs averaged 7 Targets for 50 yards against the Seahawks. If you can find another option, I would. Hes a WR3 this week.

Players to Watch: These are players that you should keep an eye on because they could become targets of yours in the future.

Jarret Boykins: Boykins is the number 3 WR in Green Bay ,which has shown to be a valuable fantasy commodity in the past. On Thursday we should be watching just how involved he is in the offense. If he has a solid roll, he could become a WR2.

Rueben Randle: The rumor is that he will be the redzone guy. But, if he can show that he is a part of the offense from the 20 to the 20, he could have WR2 upside.

Zack Stempien is a graduate from Coldwater high school with over 4 years of experience in covering fantasy sports.