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Inhaling alcohol vapor by teens becoming a major concern for parents

by Ken Delaney

From Trooper Jereme Miller at the Michigan State Police Post in Coldwater:

This is starting to get VERY popular among teens.


It is called Inhaling Alcohol.  You can use a nebulizer, dry ice, or the 2 liter, bicycle pump method.  The pressure (either method) causes separation of the alcohol (vapor) from the liquid.

The health concern is there is no way to monitor how much alcohol is concentrated when you inhale.  The body can filter (stomach, kidneys) and even make you throw up too much alcohol; however, with this method you can ingest toxic levels quickly (seconds).

Worse….Mom and Dad can drink their vodka or rum, and it still tastes the same if the liquid is filtered back in the original container; however, the alcohol has been removed.