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BBQ chicken

by Phil O'Reilly

Taking advantage of nice weather hanging on in October with my backyard BBQ.  Oh, who am I kidding, I will BBQ all year long outside.  This week, I did some great tasting chicken breasts on the grill.  As we know with chicken, it's sometimes hard to achieve great flavor and keep it from drying out.  I injected these with liquid smoke and Teriyaki sauce and let them marinade in Italian dressing overnight.  I fired up the coals and when ready, placed the chicken pieces directly over the coals for about 4 minutes a side to achieve some grill marks and flavor.  I then placed them in foil with some apple juice and my favorite BBQ sauce made in Iowa!  I moved the coals off to the side and finished cooking chicken in the foil for nearly 2 hours on the indirect heat.  Very juicy and tasty!  Serve with mac and cheese and a veggie and it's the perfect dinner!