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American's are spending a LOT of money on take out food

by Otis Day

The average person in the US spends over $900 on take-out food each year.

Researchers surveyed over 2,500 Americans and all had eaten take-out within the week of taking part in the poll. 

The average person spent $76 on take-out per month adding up to over $900 a year.  Around half admitted that they don't have the time or knowledge to cook for themselves or just don't want to. 

And pizza topped the list of take-out options followed by burgers. 

The top five take-out options

1. Pizza – 51%

2. Burgers – 49%

3. Asian (Chinese, Japanese, Thai) – 47%

4. Fried chicken  - 35%

5. Hoagies/sandwiches  - 27% 

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