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You Only Need 12 Minutes of Exercise a Week to be Healthy!

by Corey Carter

Yay!!!  Right?!?!

A new study out of Norway suggests that you only need TWELVE MINUTES of exercise a week to stay healthy!  (According to The Telegraph )

In the study, people who worked out as INTENSELY as possible for four minutes, three times per week, saw SIGNIFICANT improvements in their health!

Here is an extremely tough, but QUICK, 4-minute workout:

:60 - Pushups

:60 - Box Jumps

:60 - Shoulder Press (45lb or less)

:60 - Mountain Climbers

Do these with as little rest in-between as possible.  You'll be VERY fatigued...although I admit that it's tough to hit the gym with this kind of intensity each time...but it's worth a try!

Link to study: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/health/healthnews/10089411/Twelve-minutes-exercise-per-week-enough-to-stay-fit.html