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Yoga Pose: How to do a Headstand and the Benefits

by Jess Kelley

Photo Credit: Maggie Olsen 

I must admit that I SUCK at headstands. I can only do them if I am assisted...and with a wall. So, basically I can't do headstands very well. I'm getting closer and closer each time, I bet if I keep practicing I will on my own. 

Here are a few benefits of doing headstands... 

1. Flushes nutrients and oxygen into the face. 

2. Keeps oxygen in the scalp. One article says, it helps with gray hair! Even preventing and giving you back your natural color. (Hmmm...I find that odd and very hard to believe) Now I want to do more headstands! haha I'll see if that works. 

3. Decreases depression

List of more benefits of a Head Stand CLICK HERE

Here is a great video on how to do a headstand without a wall.