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A work out that doesn't feel like it!

by Christy Taylor

Doing the same old work out all the time gets really boring. Having consistency with your fitness routine is nearly impossible when you simply dont enjoy it.The key is finding an activity that you LOVE.

One idea? Join Roller Derby.

I know it sounds crazy, but check this out:

  • Roller Derby is an amazing work out. It hits all the important things, cardio, strength, balance and flexibility.
  • You dont even realize youre working out because your mind is engaged the entire time!
  • Anyone, and I mean ANYONE can do it. Even if youve never skated before. Everyone else on the team was once a rookie, too, and theyll teach you everything you need to know.
  • And accountability is keythese girls make you WANT to come back time and time again. And trust me, theyll know if you skip out.
  • Plus, roller derby is a fantastic way to build confidence and self-esteem. Youll be astonished by what you are capable of doing once you simply try.

This summer the Sioux Falls Roller Dollz are hosting a Rookie Boot Camp! If youve EVER wondered what it was like or have no idea what Roller Derby even ISdrop by and give it a try! CLICK here for more Boot Camp information! (and go to the 'become a doll' link to learn about equipment and getting started!)

If in fact Derby just isnt for you, heres some other great ideas that can make exercise FUN again!

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