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A License To Run Is Not A License To Eat

by Mike Klein

We've all been there...You start a new Running program and begin to see the results of your efforts...You feel better, people tell you: "Hey, you've lost weight"... And then it happens!! 

At first you tell yourself "I deserve a reward for my efforts"...A nibble of ice cream here, a slice of pizza there.. and before you know it you have derailed your entire fitness program...Just remember, a license to run is not a license to eat.

Simply put Running and Dieting are a numbers game. Your goal is to burn more calories than you eat...Do that, you loose weight...Do it in reverse, and no matter how far you run, you will gain weight.

Just remember, for every MILE you run you burn roughly ONE HUNDRED CALORIES. Sure, it takes a certain number of calories just to live and breathe...But, if you run 4 miles and eat 500 calories (two slices of pizza) you actually have set yourself back 100 calories...Do that 35 times and you have gained a full pound!

Running is a great fitness tool..It builds confidence and can take you places you never thought you would ever go. But if you don't match it with the proper nutritional plan you may find yourself in the "Big and Tall" shop asking yourself "What Happened?"..