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Annual Fourth of July Pace for Poverty 5K/10K

by Michael Louden

It's the Fourth of July and what better tradition can I participate in than the fourth annual Pace for Poverty 5K/10K in my hometown of Richland.  I participated in the 5K portion.  I have yet to run a 10K, but I plan on running in one this fall and I will have a future posting about that run.

The race this year started at 7:30 am, a half-an-hour earlier than last year.  Organizers thought it would be better to have an earlier start due to the excessive heat we experienced last summer.  Last year the temperature at race time was 75 degrees with a dew point at 68 degrees.  Talk about a humid run.  I was able to run a 21:41 in that extreme heat.

This year the temperature was around 65 degrees with a dew point around 60.  So significantly much cooler, but it felt relatively warm about half way through the race.  About three hundred people competed in the 5K/10K races.  I talked with many of my friends and fellow running buddies before the start of the race.  Going back to my hometown always brings back good memories and gives me a chance to catch up with many people I know from the Richland community, like my friend Rory who was looking to break the 28 minute barrier.

We lined up at the starting line just before 7:30 am and then the horn sounded and we were off.  I was running with the second pack of runners for the first mile which was a pretty quick mile as I ran it in six minutes flat.  I was trying to keep up with Joe Hulsebus and it I was able to for the first mile, but then he and the second group of runners started to pull away from me and before I knew it I was out there on the course by myself, which seems to happen a lot no matter how big the field is for the races I run.  

However, about a half mile later Chris Dhulster passed me by and I told myself, stick close to him and a time of under 20 minutes is in the bag.  I kept hearing people cheer for me along the route ever since the beginning of the race which was great to hear and helped motivate me even more.  We entered the last mile which had the two only hills on the course, but they were small and easy to navigate.  I was used to those hills since high school running.  

We turned left at the light in Richland and headed back toward the middle school.  I took a quick glance behind me and no one else was close to me.  I came to the finish and heard my time at three miles was 19:15.  I sprinted toward the finish and I came across with a time of 19:52 and Chris finished four seconds in front of, so I had not let him get away from me after passing me at the halfway point.  

This was my second straight 5K race under 20 minutes.  This one a little slower than the Kalamazoo Klassic, but the Klassic was mostly downhill.  It looks like I'm going to be in 19 minute range for sometime which I am happy with as I look to keep improving my time.  My next race will be the Kindleberger 5K in Parchment July 13th.

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