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What NOT to do....

by Laura Bradshaw

Well- it's still wedding season.  And will be until about October or so.... I'm just here to help you out with the "rules" of a wedding.... 

1. Don't Wear White. The only woman in the entire room that should be wearing an all-white dress is the bride... the old adage was that you'll be confused with the bride.  That won't happen.  It's just straight up rude.  
2. Don't Take Pictures Behind The Photographer.  (again with the rude thing)
3. Don't Post Photos of the Bride On Social Media Before She Does. (yep- rude again!)
4. Don't Mention The Bride Or Groom's Ex.....ok, well this one is just a conversation starter.. you tried.  
5. Don't Wear Skimpy or Tight Clothes. It is perfectly fine to desire to look your best but there is a lot wrong with someone who is striving to look THE BEST on someone else's special day.... do that at the bachelor/bachelorette party.

-from the huffingtonpost.com