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When is this gonna show up around here????

by Laura Bradshaw

You've heard of the Bookmobile, the Bloodmobile, even a van that drives around and gives women mammograms! All which are wonderful! But how about this.....

When you have indulged a bit too much... in other words, been "overserved". Here ya go- it's a banana bag on the move! It's called the Hangover Club.

The companys most popular package is The Wet Lunch, which includes antioxidants, as well as inflammation, pain, and nausea relief for the low, low price of $79. But WAIT! There's MORE! If you join the Club, you can get relief for the low low price of $49. And with that you could also make the choice to be hooked up with Hair of the Dog cocktails instead. Oh my!!

Bad part- only currently available in New York City. There is a separate version in Vegas too.

On the other hand, people could learn to control their drinking....just a thought....winky.