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Not So Great Gatsby?

by Robb Reel

It had been in theaters for less than 12 hours when I started hearing the whispers.  The Great Gatsby may not be so great after all.  The F. Scott Fitzgerald literary classic has been attempted on the silver screen several times, but no iteration has really nailed it.  Then there's director Baz Luhrmann, somewhere between adventurous and avant-garde, taking a big swing at it.  Any Luhrmann venture is a roll of the creative and critical dice.

It's a book virtually every one of was forced to read in high school.  We're all familiar with it, so maybe it takes that kind of imagination to bring us something new from the tale of the Roaring Twenties.  I certainly don't understand how doing it in 3D will help, but I'm not a fan of that format for any film.  I saw the trailers and thought it looked awful -- like Heaven's Gate, Battlefield Earth, Glitter awful -- and have no real desire to plunk down a sawbuck to see it.  Yet, as I see/hear/read review that suggest it is one of the worst films of all time, my morbid curiosity is getting to me.

Have you seen it?

Should I?