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Dear Katie of five years ago.

by Katie Schurk

Yesterday on Jake's show he brought up a topic- mom's what is one thing you hate about being a mom?  And that question got me thinking...not about what I hate, but things I wish I wouldn't have taken for granted.  If I could go back and tell myself some things, here is what I would have said.

Dear Katie circa 2012, 

You and Michael are about to create the coolest and most wonderful person you have ever met.  He is going to rock your world and show you more love and genuine bliss than you can ever imagine.

Your world is about to be turned upside down, and life as you know it will never be the same.  Some things won't happen instantaneously.  Some things you will hardly even notice.  And most things will be easy to give up, but here are things I would have done differently in the time before I got pregnant.

1. Spend all of the time in the world at the gym.  Sure you are going to be busy some days and can only squeeze in 40 minutes- totally understandable.  But at this point in your life, you and Michael will struggle to get 40 minutes in at the gym 3 or 4 times a week.  No it isn't because you are just SO busy.  It is because it kind of doesn't make sense.  You already pay a monthly fee to use the gym (luckily for us only 22 bucks a month).  Add an hour a day of daycare.  That is 4 bucks a day, 5 days a week.  That is 20 bucks a week.  Your gym membership has now gone from costing you 22 bucks a month to 100.  So when you didn't have kids and thought, hmm Michael is at work, I don't have much going on this afernoon, run that extra mile on the treadmill.  You have no excuse not to.

2. Never pay at the pump.  Your only option these days is paying at the pump.  To get your kid out of the carseat to run in and pay for gas becomes one of the ultimate tasks.  I hate getting him in and out of that carseat in my small toyota corolla.  And heaven forbid you leave him in a running car while you run in for a quick sec.  Their is a good chance social services will be there before you even get back to your car.  So don't pay at the pump.  Stroll the aisles.  Take your time choosing between skittles or starburst.  You won't be able to even run in for a gallon of milk without it being a process for the next five year.

3. Avoid chain restaurants.  If you manage to have a kid that you can actually take to restaurants at a young age, it's a good chance it will be only chain restaurants.  Why you ask?  Because they are loud.  If we are at Red Robin and Brody decides he wants to have a conversation with a child across the restaurant, not a problem.  NO one can hear him over the music and loud conversation happening anyway.  So take the opportunity to go to the local restaurants that take reservations.  Go to the place where you grab a drink at the bar before you even put your name in!  Just do it.

4. Stay out late.  Again, this is a cost thing.  Sure I am tired at midnight, but this is now how I weigh my options.  Will what I am doing until bar close be worth the extra 7 dollars an hour I am paying my sitter?  So stay out late and spend that money buying rounds for your friends whom will be pushed to the wayside when you become a mom, even though you swear you are going to be different.

5. Volunteer for hours at work.  Do favors for your coworkers.  Pick up their shifts.  Because in a few short months when your kid's daycare has to unexpectedly close for the day and you have to leave work early, they are going to be picking up your slack.  If you put in the time now and do favors for them, you will feel less guilty when they return the favors.

6. Buy yourself clothes.  I don't shop for clothes for myself anymore.  I shop for Brody. AND I LOVE IT.  Seriously, I get a thrill out of finding awesome deals.  And they're clothes are much more affordable.  But needless to say we are still on a budget and I find myself using my clothes budget for Brody and not me, just because it's more fun to shop for him.  And hey, let's be honest, everything looks good on him!

So what would you tell yourself pre baby?