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by Katie Schurk

I have been quite disturbed by something that happened to me this week.  I actually have been pretty much obsessing about it all week...shocking, I know.  

Anyway, I took the time to get the deals online at Toys R Us for Thanksgiving.  I had my eye on a kawasaki for the Brodester for few weeks now.  The Diesel and I actually decided to get this for him for his first birthday, so I was excited at the thought of being ahead of the game.  Anyway, it was delivered to me on Tuesday afternoon.  The ups man knocked on my door, and what to my surprise did I see, but this.  His Kawasaki.  In plain sight for EVERYONE to see.  First of all, thank goodness Brody is only 9 months old and has no concept of Christmas or Santa yet.  I made the comment that Santa could have been ruined and someone questioned why...in my eyes, kids are smarter than we give them credit for.  If the ups man drops off the gift that is also under the tree, the gift that Santa gave him, yeah, I think he is going to figure it out.  I want Brody to hold on to that idea for as long as possible.  

Another point, what if I hadn't been home to get it.  Any of my neighbors looking for a kawasaki for your kid?  If so, now is the chance to grab it!  Free of charge!  Luckily I don't live in a shady neighborhood, but imagine if I did?

I learned my lesson- from now on all presents will be shipped to me at work.  Duke, I apologize in advance :)

Finally- this was shipped by Toys R Us.  Their target market is kids.  Get it together Toys R Us.  Seriously.

I would also like to point out that I recToyseived an even bigger package on the same day from Amazon.  Amazon packaged it discreetly.  All Brody saw was a box with a smiley face.  It can be done people.