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The Pressure Is Building.

by Katie Schurk

As I was perusing facebook this last weekend I noticed A LOT of pregnancy announcements...which is absolutely fantastic!  As I was "liking" them I noticed that a lot of these were second pregnancy announcements...and a lot of these Moms were pregnant the same time I was.

In case you aren't an avid reader of my blog you may not know that Brody turns 1 this Thursday.  We will have a one year old.  I am so excited about how awesome this little human is turning out to be, but to be honest with you, the last thing I can even imagine doing right now is producing another human being at the moment!

Don't get me wrong.  I am genuinely excited and thrilled for these second time mamas to be, but I have one question for you.  Am I the only one who is still exhausted?  It is so funny how perspective changes weekly!  When Brody was first born if I got a solid four hours of sleep I woke up feeling so refreshed.  Now if he wakes up for 45 minutes in the middle of the night, I am genuinely dragging ass the next day.

Michael and I have always been open to the possibility that we may be a one child only family.  I always wanted a bigger family considering I was raised in one, but I am going to be honest, I am realizing I am still pretty selfish.  Brody is genuinely been the greatest thing to ever happen to us.  We got a pretty easy and laid back kid, so the chances of number two being this easy- pretty much slim to none.  Not only that, I am just getting back into the gym.  I am running again and it feels great.  If I got pregnant again, I would feel like I was fighting a losing battle.  And the thought of breastfeeding for another year?  Oh dear- I was none too happy when I was able to put the pump away!

I also like the idea that we can financially afford to give Brody basically whatever he wants. (Not saying Brody will get whatever he wants.)  But I like knowing that I can.  I like knowing that I can take a weekend and spoil my child without having to be overly concerned about whether or not we can afford it.  Add another kid, and yep, finances will be turned upside down.  Things will no longer be affordable.

The question I have is am I the only one who feels like this?  Will this feeling pass?  I look at Brody now and think their is no way I can recreate you.  Lightning can't strike twice.

We have already gotten the- so when is the big announcement?  And I know anytime that I turn down a cocktail they are assuming, oh I bet she is pregnant.  So just a heads up everyone.  Don't hold your breathe for an announcement anytime soon.  For now I am just going to relish in the joy that my friends are having with baby number one or two!