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Allowing for an Allowance, Part 2

by David Kuharski

A little while back I talked about a conversation Julie and I had with our oldest son, Caleb.  The story goes that Keith, our 2nd oldest, asked for an allowance after a fun, but hot, trip to the park.  See, big brother was talking about buying himself a drink at the gas station using his well-earned allowance.  Well, Keith wanted a piece of the action too!  So, he asks, 'Daddy, can I get an allowance?'  I answered by telling him Mumma and I would think about setting some chores aside for him.  That drew a quick and concerned question from Caleb, 'If you're giving him allowance and you tell me that money is tight, then will that affect my allowance?'  Jokingly I answered that we might be able to save some money by going with cheaper services--chores--from Keith, likening it to your city or village services. 

Well, wouldn't you know that Caleb outsmarted me...

HE is paying Keith and our youngest daughter Emelia a small allowance out of HIS own pocket for services they do for him.  His example was and I quote "...like if I have to bring my plate into the kitchen but I don't want to get up, I'll have them do it."

Nice... He's contracting out his work!  Think about it-- he doesn't like sweeping the floor?  Have Keith do it! 

My question is, will there be a bidding war when Daddy wades into the chores pool with the littler kiddos?