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Annual Car Seat Collection Day in WI

by Nikki Montgomery

April 26th is Annual Car Seat Collection Day throughout Wisconsin. This is your opportunity to drop off old car seats free of charge. Seats older than 6 years old, purchased at garage sales or thrift store, involved in a crash, or recalled seats should all be dismantled and disposed of properly.

Car seats that are disposed of must be dismantled to discourage use by anyone else. The cloth cover should be removed, harness straps should be cut, and the latch straps should also be cut.

All car seats expire 6 years after the manufacture date. You can find the expiration date printed on the car seat, or you can find the manufacture date on the manufacturer's label. The plastic breaks down over time so after 6 years the seat does not hold up in a crash. Bases need to be disposed of as well. 

Car seats purchased second hand are dangerous because the history of the car seat is unknown and may have been involved in a crash or recalled. 

The following also are good seats to bring to the event:

  • Seats that have been recalled.
  • Seats that have broken or missing parts.
  • Unwanted seats.

In our area you can drop off your car seats at the following locations on April 26th: 

Portage County

Stevens Point Fire Department

1701 Franklin St., Stevens Point, WI

9 a.m. - noon 

Wausau Area

Schofield Fire Department

1325 Schofield Ave., Schofileld, WI

9 a.m. - noon

Wood County

Marshfield Fire and Rescue*

514 E 4th St, Marshfield, WI

9 a.m. - noon

*seats can be dropped off starting April 21st at the fire department. 

Note from Safekidswi.org:

*Most communities will have the ability to recycle many of the materials from the car seats on the event day only. Resources vary by community and some will not be able to recycle, but will take the proper steps to remove seats from circulation.

Safe Kids Wisconsin's goal is to keep old, expired, or damaged seats from being re-used. If you are looking to get rid old seats outside the annual event or in an area that is not participating, you may dismantle the seat as much as possible before putting it in the trash. Be sure to cut the harness out of the seat, along with the buckle strap. The fabric cover also should be removed and anything else that will help deter from re-use.

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