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Does it bother you that your baby girl is bald?

by Nikki Montgomery

Most babies are pretty bald when they are born and it's hard to tell if a baby is a boy or a girl especially if you were a parent who didn't want to find out what you were having so you bought all neutral clothes. Well, if you want people to know your baby is a girl there's an extra special accessory you can buy, Baby Bangs. Baby Bangs is a headband decorated with ribbon and fake hair. They say that the baby can hardly tell they're wearing it, but I highly doubt that. My daughter would never leave a headband on. 

Personally I think this is silly. If you put a headband on your baby everyone is going to know it's a girl the headband doesn't need hair attached to it. Babies have bald heads that's just the way it is no big deal. 

Would you buy one of these Baby Bangs?

Here's the link so you can see it for yourself http://baby-bangs.com/index2.php