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Everything changed in a split second

by Nikki Montgomery

Yesterday we were so excited for the ultrasound, we arrived at the hospital about 15 minutes early and decided not to take Mia to Ministry Medical Group's drop in care because it would only be about an hour and it would be cool for her to see her baby brother or sister. 

We walked in and I hopped up on the table and first thing I asked is if we could video record it, but was told no it was not allowed by the clinic. 

Mia was all cuddled up on daddy's lap looking at the screen on the wall. The ultrasound tech ran the wand quickly across my belly and started to say very nonchalantly, "Oh they didn't tell me it's twins I'll have to..." she was interrupted by both Josh and I saying, "WHAT??!!" I wish there had been a video camera on my face and Josh's face to capture this moment. I felt blood rush to my face and I knew it was red and hot. She looked at us not quite as shocked as we were looking at her and said, "You didn't know?" Nope we didn't know. We both laughed out of shock and cried a little because we were not prepared for that news at all. We didn't regain our composure for about 5 minutes. 

At our appointments up to now we were told there was one heartbeat, though they didn't even look for a second one either time we got to hear it. And both my doctor at my 12 week appointment and the nurse practitioner at my 16 week appointment said I am measuring right on. 

With twins you usually start measuring bigger by the 12th week maybe 16th and they order an ultrasound right away to confirm. That is why the lady doing our ultrasound was so surprised that we didn't already know since we were nearly 21 weeks along. 

Our 1 hour appointment quickly turned into 2 hours since we had two babies to check out now. Side note: that really sucks when they tell you to come with a full bladder to the appointment! Mia sat there quietly the whole time, she was such a good girl. Both babies look good. Of course we don't get all the info until today when we meet with the doctor, but we know each baby has 1 head, two arms, two legs, one beating heart, and lots of energy. They were moving around like crazy pushing each other and kicking each other.  

They are fraternal twins and we know that because there are 2 sacks and 2 placentas. However, they still manage to cuddle each other. 

We told the tech right away that we want to know the sex of the baby (at the time we didn't know there were 2). She did all the measurements she needed to do on Twin A and managed to tell that she's a girl! We were excited because we already have girl stuff. I looked at Josh and said well, we have one more shot at a boy. Measuring Twin B was a little harder because Twin A kept popping her head in and getting in the way. She also made it more difficult to see Twin B's gender, but the professional thinks Twin B is another girl. Mia clapped at that announcement. Josh is not convinced they're both girls. We will have to have another ultrasound so hopefully we'll have a more definite answer at that one.

I could see looking at Josh's face all he could see was dollar signs. We're gonna need 2 of everything, a new car because 3 car seats won't fit across the backseat of either of our vehicles, 3 girls in diapers at the same time, 3 girls going to prom, 3 girls in college, 3 weddings, etc. 

We are going to have to rearrange our house for the twins to share a room. Might even need to add on in the not so distant future.

Everything changed in an instant. We thought we were prepared for this baby. We had a list of the few things we needed to buy, stuff that we had borrowed last time around that has since gone to someone else. We need to decide on a second girl's name. We had one boy name and one girl name picked out. We'll have to grab the baby name book and start thumbing through for ideas...then agree! Now we have a whole new list of a lot more items we'll need in the next few months. More projects and more work to get done before we have 3 kids under the age of 2! Mia will turn 2 in November and we're expecting the twins in October though we don't know what day yet.

We will find out when these babies will be making their debut this afternoon. Check my blog tomorrow for an update.