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Little kids curious about twins

by Nikki Montgomery

Last weekend some friends of ours came over to drop off a bunch of baby stuff for the twins. Their 4 year old daughter asked why they were bringing the stuff and her mom told her it is because I'm having twins. The next question was, "If she's having 2 babies does she have 2 bellies?" Mom and Dad laughed. 

Then when she saw me she asked where the babies are. I pointed to my belly and said, "In here." She said, "Where's the other one?" When I told her they were both in there she just looked at me funny and walked away. I guess she needed to think about that.

This weekend my brother and his family came to stay with us. He and his wife went out to dinner leaving their two kids home with Josh while I worked. When I got home from work my 3 year old nephew Cole came and sat by me on the couch. I told him I have two babies in my belly and without skipping a beat he said, "Weird! How?" It was so funny! 

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