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Still needed for Twins

by Nikki Montgomery

I was just looking over my list of Must Haves for Multiples and I think we're doing pretty well. I just have to count all the bottles we have to make sure we have enough or pick up some more to have 36 which is the suggested amount for a day. I plan to breastfeed as long as possible so there's a chance we won't need that many, but just in case breastfeeding doesn't go as smoothly as I hope I want to be prepared. 

I know we don't have enough pacifiers so that's on the list of still needed items, but I don't want to give the twins pacifiers until they are well established feeders. I was reading an article today that said we should get some preemie pacifiers too since twins are typically born early and smaller than single babies. I looked all over! I can't find them in stores and I even searched online. There are very few places online to buy them and they're wildly expensive. 

Did you need preemie pacifiers for your children? Where did you get them?

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