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Surviving the last week

by Nikki Montgomery

With singleton pregnancies it's okay to let baby stay in there as long as they want even if you go over your due date it's okay. In the case of twins I was reading in my baby book last night that it's not always the safest option to let them decide. Identical twins should be delivered at 37 weeks and fraternal twins should be delivered at 38 letting them go to 39 and beyond actually increases the risk that something will go wrong. So in the case of twins often your doctor will suggest induction or c-section prior to 39 weeks. 

We have about a week and a half left before the scheduled arrival of the twins. I am officially 37 weeks tomorrow which is full term and that's awesome because a lot of twins don't make it this long. As good as I feel about that I can honestly tell you I'm struggling. I am so uncomfortable and worn out. I am going to survive though thanks to some great tips from doctors and nurses at Ministry Medical Group/Saint Michael's Hospital in Stevens Point.

One of the babies is still breech and can't really drop because the other baby's head is in the way so I'm still getting headbutted in the ribs. To survive I need to arch my back to try to alleviate some of the pressure.

The baby that is head down is very low now so she keeps pressing her head into my cervix which is painful and it hurts most when I'm sitting. To survive I need to get up and walk around.

Contractions are starting to become more painful, but not regular. To survive I need to drink some water and sit down. It can also help to take a warm (not hot) bath.

I am experiencing lower back pain which is to be expected since I'm carrying so much extra weight right in the front of my body. To survive I've been seeing a chiropractor and doing some stretches the doctor showed me. 

I can't sleep! I can't get comfortable so sleeping is a challenge. To survive I have pillows to put under my belly, between my legs and behind my back to keep me from rolling onto my back. 

Sore feet and ankles from walking around or standing with all this extra weight. To survive put my feet up. It's a good idea to put my feet up anyway to prevent any swelling, some swelling is okay, but excessive swelling (Edema) is a bad sign and warrants a call to your doctor.

I only have a little over one more week of being uncomfortable and then I'll have two new babies to love so I'll forget all about it. I can do this!

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