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Things no one tells you that happen after baby

by Nikki Montgomery

After having three babies in 2 years I have a few things I would like to share with soon to be or new moms. Things that happen after baby that no one seems to tell you.

  • Your waist band gets higher. Your low cut jeans aren't going to cut it anymore. To hide your post baby belly you need mid rise jeans...you don't need to go as far as high waist, but about an inch or so below your belly button is a good height.
  • Your boobs get bigger. You expect that your boobs get bigger during pregnancy, but that's not as big as they'll get. If you're nursing they'll get HUGE! Your cute demi bras will just give you quad boobs so you will need to invest in some full coverage bras.
  • Your feet get bigger...and they'll stay bigger. I went from a size 8 to a 9 so I had to buy new shoes.
  • Your hair gets neglected. Want to know why so many mom's opt for short haircuts? Because they take less work to look presentable. You don't have time to blow dry long hair let alone curl it or straighten it.
  • Your clothes get ruined. You'll get pooped on, peed on, spit up on and baby will tug at your shirt stretching it out.
  • You're tired all the time. Not only does baby wake you up in the middle of the night, but sometimes they keep you up late and wake you up early too. Besides that they keep you running all day!
  • Your house is messy all the time and you have to develop a cleaning rotation because there's no way you can spend 3 hours in a row cleaning like you used to.
  • Your baby/kids are your best friends.
  • You can sing every word to all the songs featured in Bubble Guppies, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Doc McStuffins, Jake and the Neverland Pirates and Sophia the First. And you actually get excited when a new episode comes on.
  • Melt downs happen at the most inopportune times; as soon as you close the bathroom door, start supper, or try to take a shower.
  • You realize you never loved anything so much in your whole life. You look at your kids and your heart actually hurts because you love them so much.
  • A baby cuddle makes everything in the world better. A toddler hug and kiss fixes anything.
  • Hearing "I love you" for the first time from your child may make you cry.
  • Everyone says kids grow too fast, but you don't understand what they really mean until you're a parent. Never wish away a minute not even a bad one because you'll never get that minute back.

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