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The importance of perspective

by Greg Belfrage

Looking for a quick and easy way to make your photos more visually interesting?  Just change your point of view!

As you're viewing a subject, think about getting above or below it.  Look for interesting or odd angles from which you can photograph your subject.  Are there things between you and your subject?  Perhaps you can add them to the frame to create more compelling photographs.

Below is an example of how using point of view and perspective can make a photo more interesting.  The low angle and harvested corn stalks in the foreground make this photo far more engaging than if I had been standing and photographed the hay bale off in the distance.

Don't be afraid to get down in the dirt.  Low angle photography is a great way to bring a completely different perspective to your photos.  Using such tactics make the difference between taking snapshots and creating photographic art.

(Greg Belfrage is an amateur photographer in Sioux Falls, SD.  You can view more of his artwork at http://www.redbubble.com/people/dakotavistas  or follow his photos on Facebook.)