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Challenging your photography skills...

by Dave Kallaway

I look forward to AirVenture/EAA Fly-in in Oshkosh, Wisconsin every year..why?? Practice, learning, developing with my photography..that's why! All the big dogs in the photography world that I follow suggest that if you want to keep getting better..PUSH yourself! Make a personal assignment for yourself to photograph something that's not easy. In my case with AirVenture..it's their night shows. Think about it..it's nighttime..so very little light. Planes are zooming past you..another challenge. What settings do you use on your camera for all this?? THAT'S what you'll learn when you try to take pics at a night air show. If you want to give it a try...remember these tips. They start normally when the sun goes down..and as the show continues the light changes and keeps getting darker. That means starting with settings like ISO 400..Exposure Compensation -1 or -2 and your lens set at a low number..I had my 70-200mm at f2.8 all night. Then as it gets darker..crank up the ISO..800, 1250 or even higher. Bring up the Exposure Compensation to 00, 0.3..something around there. and leave lens open at f2.8...or as low as it can go. Also..do you use a tripod at night air shows? I wouldn't because it's easier to follow the aircraft with your camera hand held..but you can certainly try it. As with everything in photography..rules are meant to be broken! Have fun!