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Aaron Rodgers gets choked up talking about his return to the field on Monday

by Jon Henseler

(^not Aaron Rodgers....everyone knows he's not a never-nude)

So Aaron Rodgers does a fireside chat every Tuesday at 540 AM WAUK in Milwaukee and, as you might expect, yesterday they had about a billion listeners (rounding up) tuning in to find out what his status was with the shoulder. Now he didn't shed much more light on his timetable other than admitting to the fracture in his collarbone. So the guess is we're still talking 3 weeks unless he has Wolverine/Reggie White healing powers. But he also talked about how special it was for him to get that standing ovation when he returned to the field in the second half. Aaron if you cry we're all gonna cry man.

Anyway click here (7 min mark) if you want to get a little misty eyed on a Wednesday afternoon at work. Also I had someone bring up a good point to me yesterday in regards to Seneca Wallace. Remember how bad Matt Flynn looked in that game at Detroit when Rodgers had to leave halfway through with a concussion? Guy looked like me trying to unhook a bra for the first time and guided the offense to a grand total of 3 points. Then with a week of preparation and a gameplan catered to him, he nearly beat New England on the road. Hopefully Seneca is going to be Flynn 2.0.

PS: Had one of our listener post on our Facebook wall yesterday that her Bear fan nephew couldn't sleep Monday night because he was so excited, it felt like they won the Super Bowl. THAT should tell you all you need to know about the Bears franchise. Enjoy that feeling my man, it may be as close as you get.