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Braun, 19 others to be suspended after the all star break.

by Jon Henseler

Honest question, if you gave Brewer fans one shot to punch TJ Quinn straight in his grillmix how long would the line extend? I think it would look like the end of the movie Field of Dreams where you see car lights going back for miles. I mean what is this guy's deal? It seems like he's some sort of henchman for Bud Selig when it comes to PEDS. He's like Mr. Smee in Peter Pan. He goes into Hook's (Bud's) office to do his bidding. Selig gives him a list of names to get and throws him one gold coin to get the job done. Just unreal how this guy keeps cropping up.

Anyhow I guess at this point if this is going to happen just get it over with. Like the season is lost (we're sure about that right? right? right.....) anyway, so if there was a time to lose your stud for 100 games then the majority of it might as well happen now. Hell it wouldn't shock me someone in the Brewers office 'leaked' the information on Biogenesis just to make sure this process happens during 2013. Whether or not he actually took PEDs, it's painfully obvious that MLB is determined to 'vindicate' themselves for Braun getting off in 2011/2012. And if they think they've been hiding that fact from the general public they're wrong. It's like when a relationship ends and someone goes on facebook with passive aggressive status updates that start with 'not that I care' and end with 'you know who you are.'

And to be honest, Braunie isn't helping himself recently either. If we're believing the reports out there he basically Kato Kaelin-ed his way through his deposition with MLB a few weeks ago and plead the 5th on everything. He keeps alluding to 'the real story' but refuses to tell it. Again, I'm with Braun primarily because I haven't seen or heard a single shred of evidence that implicates him, but if there were ever a time to clear the air, now is it. Because if he actually is guilty, the longer this goes on he's going more the Lance Armstrong route and less the Andy Pettite route.

PS: Aside from that yesterday, how about Wily Peralta? In three of his last 4 starts he's had 7 innings of shutout ball, 5.1 of shutout ball, and the first complete game (and a shutout) for the Brewers in 407 games. I think going into the year when we 'went young' with our pitchers most people agreed that between Rogers, Fiers, and him, that Peralta had the highest ceiling. He was the Sunny D, Fiers and Rogers were the soda and the purple stuff. And if this is what he really is, I think it should change the deadline strategy with Gallardo. If Peralta is going to throw like this consistently, him, Gallardo and Lohse give me some hope for next year.