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It happened...so would it ever happen HERE

by Jim McKinney

I mentioned in an earlier post that a team in the Australian Football League (AFL), the Essendon Bombers, were set to get pounded with sanctions over an apparently misuse of a supplement...not a drug...a supplement...and that those sanction could be nasty...I was right...the Dons...a legacy team in Aussie footy...lost four draft picks...were fined two million dollars...had its head coach suspended for a year starting now...and were stripped of their position in the standings, so it is banned from the playoffs.  These penalties are historic for the AFL, which stated that the Bombers "had brought the league into disrepute"...over a supplement...the league stated it had to take this stand, so as to set a precedent in an incident like this never happening again. 

Imagine your favorite American pro sports team.  Now imagine that it has players on the squad who misuse a banned substance...and the league decides to hit your team with the same kind of sanctions.  You would be screaming bloody murder to the heavens.  Ban MY team from the playoffs?  Just because some of the players decided to act like tools?  IT WILL NEVER HAPPEN IN AMERICAN PROFESSIONAL SPORTS.

But maybe it should.