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How much is enough?

by Jason Miller

There's this funny thing going on right now and not too many people have noticed unless you are a huge Green Bay Packer fan.  What is that?  Sam Shields, has NOT signed his one year tender worth, $2.023 million.  So for one year, the Green Bay Packers financial people and Ted Thompson feel that Sam Shields is worth to them for one year, Two Million dollars.  Is that a lot of money?  Seriously, in today's world, does two million dollars hold the same weight that it did ten years ago.  I say, NO WAY.  But, yes there's a but.  To most of us, Two Million dollars would solve our problems.  We could pay off the house, pay off credit cards and other things and still have about 1.5 million left.  Now I understand, the tax on that Two Million is hefty.  I understand you have to pay your agent, you have bills, your financial guy needs to get paid, and your "protection" needs to make money.  But here is something I don't understand.  Why is it that just because you are in the NFL you need an agent.  I know nothing about money, mostly because I don't make much, but enough to put food on the table.  But I know that if I read a little, did some research and actually asked some questions I would, no, I could be my own agent.  Why would I give someone else that power?  Why would I allow someone else to get rich just because they know the rules and I don't.  Here's why, LAZY!  Don't give me this oh I need to focus on the season at hand and that's why.  BS, YO...you need to worry about getting paid because without it, you ain't got nothing but HO's(on purpose) and tricks.  Play and you will get yours, with or without an agent.  It's just my thought for the day.