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by Jason Miller

It is pretty common when you are comparing the greats of ALL TIME that you might forget someone, someone else mentions that player and you say, okay take this one off and put that one on.  It happens all the time.  Here is what shouldn't happen.  Karl Malone leaving Michael Jordan, yes that Jordan off his all time list.  What is this list, the worse of all time, the most over-rated of all time...what exactly is the list that "The Mailman" has compiled?  This excerpt from an interview "The Mailman" did while on the Dan Patrick Show:  

[Malone spoke about LeBron James and some of the greatest players who have ever played the game. When asked to name his all-time starting five, Malone took John Stockton and Oscar Robertson as his guards, Wilt Chamberlain at center, LeBron at power forward and Scottie Pippen at small forward.  “Scottie Pippen led the team in every statistical category while he was there without Michael Jordan,” Malone explained. “That’s why I have to put him there. So now you know.”]

Okay lets start with the guards.  Stockton...really, John Freaking Stockton?  I would take him if it were the team with the shortest shorts.  But put him in the same back court as Oscar Robertson?  Magic, wouldn't  you put freaking Magic Johnson, rather than shortsmcgee?  Couldn't you make the argument for Isiah Thomas who won a Championship or two?  Couldn't you make an argument for Tony Parker, who has three championships, might be on his way to a fourth, before you say John Stockton?  I get it, you were team-mates...but GOOOOOOOD GOD sometimes picking a team-mate over the better player is just stupid.  

Can't argue with Oscar, Wilt and maybe LeBron, but even he is too soon to be put on an all-time list.  I would rather, Bill Russel than LeBron or no?  But here is where a personal grudge is keeping one of the greatest of all time off his list and that is Scottie Pippen over Michael Jordan.  You have to be half mentally dead to ever think that Pippen is better than Jordan or at the very least think Pippen should be on your roster without Jordan.  I would have been better with his list if he had put himself on it.  Oh so it's soooooo easy...yes, here's mine, let me know what you think:

Miller's Top 5:

G - Oscar Robertson

G - Michael Jordan

F - Bill Russel

F - Magic Johnson

C - Wilt / Shaq