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The Bulls beat down....

by Jason Miller

Hello NBA fans, if there are any out there anymore.  But I have a feeling that if your team is still in the playoffs you are caring.  Well I am not, I will make no bones about this, the Bucks are my team and no matter what always will be.  Hey listen I cheer for the Packers too, so I associate with one winner.  

I want to drop this on you today.  The Chicago Bulls came out in the first game against the Miami Heat and played really well beating them 93-86.  Everyone said oh wow see the height the Bulls have are going to give the Heat fits and that is how you beat them.  Well then last night happened when the Bulls got destroyed by the Heat...115-78.  It was the worse loss in the Bulls playoff history.  What would Jordan say about this loss, would he say that the team is soft and as long as you don't poke them or foul them hard they are great?  I don't know and I am not going to look for some quote from him about last night cause really I don't care.  Jordan had the Pistons to deal with and the Heat are NOT your daddy's Pistons.  Shoot the Heat aren't even your daddy's Lakers or the Jazz from the Bulls hay day.  Now the Bulls did loose when Jordan was on the team but never like they did last night.  The whole talk about the Bulls length and how Noah was going to be the difference maker.  Now there are others on this Bulls team and I will say this to all of them...GROW UP, YOUR IN THE NBA!  I get it that there are times when you want to rip the ref's head off over a bad call but this is the playoffs, you do everything you can to stay on the court so that you can contribute to the team's loosing or winning.  Getting sent to the locker-room with 12 mins left in the fourth...bad idea jeans.  

Last night showed me one thing and one thing only, the players in the NBA are soft.  Last night showed me that the Bulls however talented can't hang with the elite teams in the NBA, much less on James's, Wade's or Allen's jock.  Did the Heat players get fouled hard, did the Heat players want to argue about calls...of course they did but did they...HELL NO!!  Last night the Miami Heat might have gotten one guy in Green Bay, WI to jump on the band wagon of White Hot, lame T-Shirt but I get it.  Labron James and Dwayne Wade showed how to conduct themselves in the PLAYOFFS.  

There is one other thing really quick...Derrick Rose, you have no choice but to come back in this years playoffs, I mean game three would be just about right.  Derrick Rose, your team needs a leader, someone who can shoulder the pressures of NBA Playoffs cause right now, Noah and company taint going to get it done.

Here's to the Heat making it three more games so we don't have to deal with these crying little premadonas known as the Bulls, oh how I would long for the days of Jordan still if I'm a Bulls fan.