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When is too much punishable?

by Jason Miller

91-0 rout that Aledo High (Aledo, Tex.) put on Western Hills High (Fort Worth, Tex.) last week was epic. However the thing that happens next is even more epic than that score.  A parent from Western Hills High filed a bullying complaint against Aledo High for scoring too many points.  Are you freaking serious?  The coach from Aledo and Western had this to say:  

"I think the game was handled fine," [Western Hills coach John] Naylor said. "They're No. 1 for a reason, and I know coach Buchanan. We're fighting a real uphill battle right now.

"We just ran into a buzzsaw, you know," Naylor said. "[Aledo] just plays hard. And they’re good sports, and they don’t talk at all. They get after it, and that’s the way football is supposed to be played in Texas."

"I'm upset about [the bullying report]," controversial Aledo coach Tim Buchanan told the Star-Telegram. "I don't like it. I sit there the whole third and fourth quarter and try to think how I can keep us from scoring.

"I looked around [after Friday's victory] and asked, 'Is there anyone here that feels good?'" 

There is never a bad time during the season to play a great game.  Here's the deal, Aledo plays that good all the time.  The Bearcats are among Texas's most powerful football teams year-in and year-out. Last Friday they improved their team's record to 7-0.  Aledo is now averaging a staggering 69 points per game. They've outscored the other teams they've played by 77 points-per-game.

Do you want to see High School student athletes get beat that bad?  Of course not.  Do you want to let yourselves get beat by that much?  Of course not.  Should other teams in Aledo's divison ask for them to be moved to a different division.  Yes, if you are going to little BEATCHES about it.  This is a sport and sometimes you whoop up and sometimes you are the whoopy.  To the parent who made this claim against Aledo, I challenge you to a game of wheelchair basketball.  But here's the deal, there's no crying basketball.  Oh much less football.

Check out the report: