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Chicks Dig The Strikeout??

by Tom King

Greetings from Central Wisconsin!

Remember the classic Nike commercial starring Mark McGwire, Greg Maddux, Tom Glavine &  Heather Locklear?

Well, as they said in the old Virginia Slims commercials..."We've come a long way Baby!" Nowadays guys like Glavine & Maddux would be getting the love as the K has replaced the tater as the object of affection.The Steroid Era has become The Strikeout Era as pitchers rack up punchouts in record numbers. According to a study by noted baseball writer Joe Sheehan, More than one out of every five players that have come to the plate this season have struck out. And, in the 7th thru 9th innings where specialty work has led to many one inning relievers, more than 21% of hitters have struck-out.

So how about you? Home Runs are still exciting even if they are becoming less plentiful...but a pitcher making the best hitters in the game look foolish with cutters & sliders...or blowing them away with high heat...can get you out of your seat too.

Oh, and how is it possible that Heather Locklear still looks as good now as she did then?