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Why, people, why?

by Chris Tubbs

I know many people take their sports seriously. Sometimes almost too much. Fan is short for “fanatic.” I understand that, however sometimes we need to step back and take a little perspective on things.  At times it seems like fans take things more seriously than the actual players, and while I applaud the passion, periodically it can get a bit extreme.

If you’re that worked up that Ray Rice had a strained hip flexor, maybe fantasy football isn’t for you. Does it stink that you lost to "Vick in a Box", or the "The Brett Favre Experiment." Sure it does. But at the end of the day you’re not the one getting an MRI wondering if something is torn. You’re not having a hard time sleeping, eating or showering because of a sore (insert body part here). What do you do as a fantasy football player? You curse the person that drafted his handcuff, have a swig of Mr. Pibb and then feverishly scour the waiver wire for a replacement.

Baltimore Ravens Running Back Ray Rice is the latest example of an athlete receiving hateful tweets from ignorant and misguided fans who are upset that he had the “audacity” to get hurt and leave yesterday’s game against the Browns. How dare he do that to my beloved “Bionic Smurfs”, or the “Balki Bartakamous All-Stars”. After all doesn’t he know that I spent a high first round draft pick to pick him? I’m sure he’ll get the message if I tell him “I’m sure glad I picked you instead Jamaal Charles or Marshawn Lynch.” Yeah, that will teach him a lesson.

This comes one week after Giants Running Back David Wilson got blasted by the same type of people for his fumbling. You think these guys like feeling that way? Do you feel worse than they do? Did you see David Wilson on the sideline? You’re going to tell me that you feel worse than he does? His body language told me probably not.

Fellow fantasy football players, this is my request to you. Let’s live in reality. It’s his life, job and body on the line. You know what I do when one of my players gets hurt or has a bad day? Nothing. I look at my roster and try and make a better decision for next week.  These players could suffer a serious injury and/or lose their job and livelihood. Those are high stakes. You? The worst thing that will happen to you is you’re going to drop a game to “The Moops” or “Man Hands.”

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