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Did Sochi Do That?

by Nick Vitrano

We’ve all seen the shots from Sochi of the disastrous conditions for both media and athletes.  I don’t know if Bob Costas showed up to Sochi with whatever is goin’ on with his eyeballs (reportedly pink eye), or if his lookers have been victimized by the aforementioned conditions, but whatever the case, it appears to be spreading.  What began as a left peeper predicament is clearly taking up residence in both eyes at present. 

It’s a tough spot for NBC.  Costas is king of the Olympic rings for NBC, so how can you not parade him out to the anchor desk?  On the other hand…look at that dude…how can you parade him out to the anchor desk?  The answer came last night in a brilliant moment of self deprecation:

Way to go, Bobby!  He truly is the best.  I can't wait to see what he has in store this evening.