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Eminem is Crazy Like a Fox

by Nick Vitrano

Eminem said it best at the close of this exchange between he and the ESPN broadcast team of Brent Musburger and Kirk Herbstreit…“I’m really uncomfortable right now.”

But as far as I’m concerned, it was brilliant.

Marshall Mathers III appeared to freeze-up on live television during the Michigan-Notre Dame game on Saturday.  Coupled with a blank stare and less than impressive sales pitch for his new album, Eminem seemingly had a four-year-old’s grasp on the English language, failing to complete his thoughts and sometimes a mere sentence.  Most assumed he was high or channeling B-Rabbit from “8-Mile.”  But don’t let him fool you – Eminem is nothing if not calculated.

I thought it was a great interview from a great entertainer.

Eminem has made a living making others uncomfortable.  So while the broadcast booth may not be his first home, the dude is more than at ease in a pair of headphones, talking to a couple of football fellas about his home state and his music.  To me, the awkwardness was a clear, deliberate act by Eminem to throw those two off their games.  And it kind of worked.  The most telling gesture to me is the occasional elbow from Kirk as if to say, “C’mon man, you’re gonna make us work this hard for this?” 

By the end of the interview, Eminem had abandoned his own amusement for the sake of the segment, and the interview wrapped with solid banter, legitimately leaving me wanting more.

Solid job by all, boys!