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What You Did NOT See In The MLB All Star Game

by Nick Vitrano

What a fantastic All Star Game last night: early offense, late pitching, and no shortage of baseball brilliance in between. And then, of course, the fitting tribute to the iconic Derek Jeter - both between the lines and in commercial fashion. How about that RE2PECT spot? Awesome:

It had everything...well, not everything. There was a very conspicuous absence from last evening's Midsummer Classic - any reference, in any form, to baseball's 19 th best hitter of all-time (in terms of career base-knocks)...Mr. Padre, Tony Gwynn.

There was no commercial. There was no video vignette. There was no moment of silence. There was no announcement. There was no mention from the booth, no throw-in from the sideline. I didn't even see a patch on a Padres jersey. Nothing. Just total silence, almost as though all were warned, "Not a single mention of Tony Gwynn tonight, do you understand?"

With no explanation(though one was provided...stay tuned), I am left only with speculation. After all, we're not talkin' about some .235 slappy here. Its Tony-freakin'-Gwynn. Is it possible that the nature of Gwynn's death, cancer resulting from his use of chewing tobacco (baseball's 2 nd "most wanted" next to PEDs) has resulted in a gag order from the top? It seems silly, doesn't it? But then again, no mention of 15-time All Star Tony Gwynn last night. Isn't that more absurd?

For what it's worth, FOX did defend itself, stating that Gwynn was featured in a pre-game piece aired on Fox Sports 1. OK. But isn't that kind of like the Green Bay Packers retiring Brett Favre's number at his steakhouse instead of the stadium? It just doesn't make sense. #Fail

Tease Image: By jspatchwork [CC-BY-2.0 (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0)], via Wikimedia Commons