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Playstation 4 Launch Titles Announced!

by Joe

Even though I probably won't be purchasing mine until 2014, Sony has announced the first batch of games that will be released with the Playstation 4 on November 29th and as you can imagine, it's a mixed batch. 

(Photo via Wikimedia.org )

A few of the titles that will be released with the launch include Assassian's Creed IV: Black Flag, Madden NFL 25, NBA 2K14, Call of Duty: Ghosts, and the one I'm anticipating the most, Watch Dogs

Sony also hopes to release a slew of titles from the launch date up until April 1st, many of them only being available on the Playstation Network. You can check out the full list of launch games via IGN here .

I've been putting off buying any new games so I can try to save up for the system so I may be able to buy it opening week. The last time I got a system during the launch time was the Playstation 3 and I had to take it back within a week because it was defective. I tend to avoid buying electronics brand new because the next batch of them usually have all of the bugs and kinks worked out of them by that time. 

Will you be purchasing the PS4 opening day/week? 

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