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Breaking Bad Alternate Endings

by Susan Kennedy

I watched the Breaking Bad series finale (along with just about everyone else!) and was only slightly disappointed ( I want to know what happens to Jesse!)

Creator, Vince Gilligan has come forward and released some other endings he was considering for the shows finale.  In reality I'm happy they went with the one they did.  Here's a list of alternatives:

1. Walter White goes Rambo using the gun he made as a weapon to kill, well, just about everyone.  Gilligan decided it felt wrong because that just wasn't who Walt was.

2. Walt takes out cops in a standoff, again using the gun he created.  Again Gill didn't feel he had it in him.

3. Walt breaks Jesse out of jail killing everyone that stands in his way.  Obviously Jesse wasn't in jail but even if he was Gill didn't want Walt killing good guys.

4. Skylar kills herself.  They were really considering this but decided it was unnecessary (I prob wouldn't have minded this option haha) they also talked about having her leave with Walt but didn't know how to get Jr. to go

Would you have liked any of these better?  Or happy with the way they wrapped it up?