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by Lauri Loewenberg

“A dream is an invaluable commentator and illuminator of life. Listen to the wisdom of the dream.”  - Carl Jung

Dear Lauri,
Last night I dreamed that a waitress asked me if I wanted coffee and I said yes but decaf with some milk. When she brought me the coffee, it was half coffee on one side of the cup and half ice cubes on the other, like Moses parting the Red Sea. Weird.   – Jen 43, Spencer, WI

Lauri: Yes, dreams do seem weird... until you can understand them. Coffee in dreams is usually symbolic of you "waking up" to a certain realization that you may have been sleeping through previously. You were asked if you wanted coffee so this may mean that you are asking yourself if you really want this awareness or information. The way the coffee and ice cubes were split in half is interesting. It may mean you are of two minds on this issue or are split as to how you feel about it or what to do about it. It could also mean that a separation is going on or needs to happen in your life. The ice may be connected to you or someone around you being cold emotionally. Have you grown cold towards someone or something or has someone been cold towards you? Jen Replies: Actually, I have started to distance myself from someone that I felt close to for the last month or so. And I have noticed that they have started acting 'cold' towards everyone, not just me. Awesome, thanks!

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