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Pope on a Disney Cruise

by Lauri Loewenberg

Dear Lauri,
I dreamed I met the Pope on a Disney cruise ship that was attached to a mall. I tried to hug him, but then I thought I wasn't supposed to so I apologized. He was living on the ship and I was just showing it to my daughter. She and I got stuck on the boat because I couldn't find my way back to the mall. – Wendy 41, Chattanooga, TN

  The mall suggests you are in a place in your life or in a particular situation where you have lots of choices to make. This may be why you are stuck in the dream, because of indecision or uncertainty in real life. Indecision in real life can also show up in our dreams as being lost. The way the mall is attached to a Disney Cruise ship is interesting. Have you been on one lately or are you thinking about taking one? Are you trying to decide if you are "on board" with a particular decision? The ship could also be connected to an emotional issue and your ability to navigate through your emotional issue. I think the Pope is in this dream to remind you to have faith that all will work out for the best and to "embrace" the positives of the situation. I am however curious about the apology. Is there anything in real life you feel bad about or feel you should apologize for?

Wendy replies: I am struggling a bit with a decision I made in the spring to not return to my teaching job this year. School just started and I'm feeling a little bit lost, just trying to find my new place. As for the apology, I do feel like I let some people down in this decision. The school is suffering because of the new head of school (she was the reason I left), but she left in April, but kind of made a mess of things and I feel like people think I should have stayed. Maybe I should have, but I think I made the best decision for my family.