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Tettegouche State Park- a North Shore MUST SEE.

by Justin

Lake Superior’s North Shore- an awe-inspiring coastal highway offering the most impressive views in all of Minnesota.  I’d argue that the landscapes of the North Shore are as beautiful as any in the country.

And while everyone flocks to Gooseberry Falls (the only state park more visited is at Fort Snelling in the Twin Cities) too many tourists gawk at Gooseberry without continuing North to take their trek to Tettegouche. 

Located just a few miles North of Silver Bay, Tettegouche State Park’s waterfalls are jaw-droppingly awesome.  If you want rushing rapids and deep drops- these are the falls you need to see.

Now a word of caution- the hike to and from the falls can be a daunting endeavor.  It’s not miles and miles of hiking, but the change in altitude in and out of the falls area isn’t what I would call a “walk in the park” (despite the fact that you are, technically, walking in a park).  If you’re looking to park the car and walk a couple hundred feet on a paved path to see some pretty landscape, by all means take in Gooseberry.  But if you’re in any kind of decent shape, or want a workout walk worthy of your time, take in Tettegouche.  

From the trail head parking lot you being with a half mile hike through moderately changing terrain. Then beings the deep descent, thankfully stairs are in place on all the steep spots in the trail.  Then You get your first glimpse of the High Falls… 

More steps, and now the suspension bridge (as a fear of heights guy this is always a bit tricky)

Now you come into view of the full High Falls and think, “wow, I’d like to see that from the bottom”.  Don’t worry, that’s where you’re headed next.   

When you reach the bottom, it’s all been worth it. 

Now the hike back up…which is when you’ll begin to feel the burn.

Quick hiking hint, if you want to continue on to the Two Steps Falls, do so by backtracking around the High Falls and following the signs.  Do not…DO NOT continue along that same trail.  Unless you are looking to make your little hike a full-blown punishing feel-the-burn gluteal maximizing march of pain.  But here are the Two Steps falls.  

Not pictured are the Cascade Falls, the other 20 plus miles of hiking trails, the Sawtooth Mountains, the scenic lookouts, Shovel Point, Pallisade (Hey, I want to leave some of these for you to discover yourself).

River fishing, pristine park-locked lakes and more await you.  Enjoy!