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Selfie was brazen display of narcissism

by Greg Belfrage

Would you take a 'selfie' at a memorial service? 

Probably not. My guess is that most of us would never dream of disrespecting the dead with such a trivial display during a time that should be filled with reverence. Especially if we knew the eyes of the world were upon us.

However, that didn't stop President Obama, British Prime Minister David Cameron and Danish Prime Minister Helle Thorning Schmidt from snapping a few selfies at Nelson Mandela's memorial service.

Photo credit: Daily Mail Facebook

The British media has skewered Cameron for his tactless display of self-indulgence. A Danish poll found that most in Denmark found the actions of their Prime Minister distasteful, although other reports suggest the Danes don't understand all the fuss.

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The reaction from the White House was predictable. Deputy Press Secretary Josh Earnest blamed the media for the uproar. He said the media's focus on the selfie detracted from the importance of Nelson Mandela's legacy. 

In reality, the three world leaders detracted from the event by focusing on themselves. And that's the point.

My distaste over the selfie has nothing to do with politics. It's a sad reminder that our culture has become completely narcissistic. We're constantly focusing on ourselves, even during moments when we should be focused on our honored dead.

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