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The definition of Liberalism

by Greg Belfrage

NBA Center Jason Collins made history on Sunday by announcing he is gay.  Collins is the first openly gay athlete playing in a major American team sport. 

The liberal sports media immediately went into giddy overdrive this week, endlessly praising Collins for his bravery and courage.   Some sports writers went so far as to compare Collins to Jackie Robinson.

How much courage did it take for Collins to reveal his homosexuality when he knew the entire American media was ready to rally behind him?  The sports media has been begging for months for a professional gay athlete to step forward and be recognized.  They're still drooling in hopes that an NFL or NHL player will follow Collins' example.  It hardly takes courage to come out when the political climate has never been more favorable to gays and homosexuals.

I am not an NBA fan.  To be honest, I had never heard of Jason Collins prior to this week.  I suspect his most notable contribution to the NBA will be his coming out announcement to Sports Illustrated.

However, I am an NFL fan.  I've been reflecting on how I'd feel if one of my favorite NFL players made a similar announcement.  I came to a very quick and easy conclusion, "Who cares?"

As a sports fan, my interest in any athlete centers on their ability, not their sexual preference.  I want to know whether an athlete can score on the field.  I have absolutely no interest in how they are scoring in the bedroom.

I am a Christian.  Admittedly, I fall far short of Christ's teachings.  I don't judge my brother for the splinter in his eye when I have a wooden beam in my own.  I also respect the right of people to make their own lawful individual choices.  I don't hate people simply because they are different from me.

But where is the respect for Americans who support traditional values and tire of having homosexuality constantly thrust into their faces?  Those who dare speak up for Christian values, such as ESPN's Chris Broussard, are ridiculed, insulted, and branded as intolerant.  Why must the media inject liberal politics into every facet of our lives, including sports?

The Collins' episode has shown once again that real intolerance always comes from the political Left and their lapdogs in the media.  Liberals preach tolerance, but rarely show it to those who don't share their views. Liberals talk about equality, but are always the first ones to point out differences in color, gender and sexual preference.  Every news story I read about Collins this week mentioned that he was black and homosexual.

Dictionary.com defines bigotry as, "Stubborn and complete intolerance of any creed, belief, or opinion that differs from one's own." That sounds to me like the very definition of liberalism.

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