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As 50th Anniversary Approaches, Liberals Start Blaming the Right for the JFK Assassination

by Jerry Bader

This piece by George Packer is downright bipolar.  He concedes that Oswald was a Marxist. He then proceeds to argue that the climate of right-wing hate in Dallas provided the match that lit Oswald's fuse. It's not unfair to point out that Kennedy wasn't loved in Dallas, and yes, that's an understatement. But a legend has been growing over the years that somehow Oswald was driven by right-wing animosity toward President Kennedy.

Because somebody killed Kennedy in Dallas and because there was overt dislike of him by many in that city, somehow the city must get blamed. This nonsense has reached fever pitch as liberals like Packer try to draw a parallel to Dallas and JFK and the Tea Party and President Obama. Of course, the real reason for this fraud is the fact that Oswald was a leftist. Liberals want to wash away that stain by blaming Kennedy's death on the right. It's another reason the conspiracy theories survive half a century later (although I myself continue to be suspicious about Oswald having acted alone). 

As the anniversary nears, this mantra will get more shrill, and it will likely be more often compared to the current political environment. The reality is there is no environment of hate in the Tea Party movement and more importantly, no such environment of hate was responsible for what happened 50 years ago.